Whether you are looking to set up a new display, relocate your system, upgrade an existing aquarium or find reliable, experienced service; Deep Sea Creations is your one stop shop for all your installation, maintenance and service needs.

Office Aquarium

Standard Systems
Rectangles are the most common aquariums in the industry and usually the lowest priced. At Deep Sea Creations we can special order custom shaped aquariums that fit your individual and business needs.


Custom Systems
A custom made fish tank can breathe life into an office, home or any large business. If you are looking for a dramatic impact for your home or office a custom tank is the way to go.

Office Aquarium 2

Everything will be meticulously installed to perfection so that you can have the confidence and peace of mind that everything was done right the first time.

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Maintaining a healthy environment for your fish is an ongoing commitment. There are daily, weekly and monthly checks; regular feedings; and adjustments that should be reduced to a simple checklist of aquatic activities. At Deep Sea Creations we can support all your maintenance needs.

Tank Relocation
When you move your fish tank, you’re affecting not only your fish’s home, but your living space as well. The difficulty of the move will depend on the size of your tank and the distance of the move so we are dedicated to limit the amount of stress to your fish. Deep Sea Creation provides proper planning and preparation to ensure the move goes smoothly.

Whether an aquarium hobbyist, beginner or a pro, the best thing about aquarium care is that the basics are the same. Proper cycling, building healthy bacteria, testing water early and often, and avoiding overstocking are some of the smart ways to maintain a healthy aquarium.

Tank Leasing
Aquariums are perfect for: pediatric clinics, libraries, day cares, schools, hospitals, dentist offices, waiting rooms, restaurants, nursing homes, and extended care facilities to name a few. With a lease there is nothing that you have to buy so there is no risk to you. Our aquarium leases take care of everything for you from aquarium installation to adding the fish and decorations to the maintenance of the aquarium. Contact us to learn more.


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